CoicLimited is your best source for information communication technology (ICT) solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of digital services such as premium web designs, mobile app conversions, graphics designs, search engine optimization (SEO), digital and online marketing (including cloud hosting and database management), blog posting connector and automation, company branding, and link building. We are experts in all aspects of digital training, video editing, and event coverage.

We are the most effective ICT solutions company in Abuja that has ever been.

We make use of a next-generation application

for the purpose of providing better services to our clients.

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The VisionOur services bring you up to speed with the absolute best of your business and assist you in connecting with customers around the world..

Our Target

We provide our clients with digital concepts that will assist them in establishing and maintaining their enterprises so that they can carve out their own niche and possibly overtake competitors.

CoicLimited! is the one and only consultancy that fully comprehends and meets the need for self-fulfilment. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of all ministries, departments, and agencies of the government, as well as businesses and the private sector as a whole.

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Website Design

Create your own professional website.
If you own a business but do not have a website, you are most likely missing out on valuable business chances. Read more

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of becoming identified with your target audience in the most appropriate location and at the most appropriate time. We're here to help you make it a reality. Read more

Graphic design, logo and banners
A well-designed logo or banner enhances the beauty of a website and helps to establish your company's brand. The CoicLimited team has a wide range of skills in all aspects of graphic design. Read more
Email marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective and modern promoting approach that involves sending information to prospects and customers via email.. Read more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An online search engine optimization campaign is the practice of increasing the amount of visitors to a certain website by ensuring that it appears high on a search engine's results page when a user searches for anything on the internet. Read more

Live Stream Anywhere and Everywhere
There is no need to restart your streaming program or the encoder if you are streaming to many destinations. Simply add YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and all of your other platforms and continue to stream at the same time with MBPS as low as 1.5MBPS. Read more
Auto Post From WordPress to Social

We link the automatic posting of each of your posts to the automatic sharing of your blog/news website to your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and other social media platforms. Read more

TV and Radio Studio setup

Generally described as a TV creation production, a TV studio is a video production installation room where video productions take place, either for the recording of live television to videotape or for the capturing of raw footage for post-production purposes. contact us for the setup.

Virtual Classroom Setup
Stream To Multiple Sites: You don't even have to restart your streaming software or the encoder. Just add youtube, twitter, facebook and all your platforms and keep streaming at once with MBPS as low as 1.5MBPS Read more
Auto Post From WordPress to Social

We connect auto post of every one of your posts to Auto Share from blog/news website to Your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram etc. Read more

TV and Radio Studio setup

A TV studio likewise called a TV creation production, is an installation room in which video productions happen, either for the recording of live TV to videotape or for the securing of raw footage for post-production. contact us for the setup.

Virtual Classroom Setup
Stream To Multiple Sites: You don't even have to restart your streaming software or the encoder. Just add youtube, twitter, facebook and all your platforms and keep streaming at once with MBPS as low as 1.5MBPS Read more

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Mission Statement

We put clients first

Our customers are the life-wellspring of our business and we endeavor to work an exceptionally powerful and effective association, concentrated on meeting customer goals. In the course of recent years, Our Systems has helped several

organizations – in various enterprises and extending in size from little businesses to individuals  from the Fortune – become reasonably fruitful associations. We help organizations and governments improve the lives of their clients and residents. We have worked intently and effectively with government divisions and significant organizations, and value meeting and surpassing our customers exclusive standards



CoicLimited provides 24/7 support systems. Our ways of meeting all the needs of our clients are mostly via whatsAPP and email. Click on the whatsAPP button on the left head corner to chat with us.

What We're Looking For

Training: CoicLimited train clients on how to handle their sites updates, setup their livestream to spread across their social media handles and also provides one to one client relationship.

Content Management: CoicLimited will handle all your content needs from advertising, copywriting, to blog posts and sales enablement materials.

Adverts/Promotion: Let’s build & promote your company for you. Bringing your business across to all social media, televisions, radios, blogs, news portals and browsers.

Management: Our management team operates at the higher levels of standard and have day-to-day responsibility to ensure our clients get best of services and prompt job delivery.

Free Training: Attention

CoicLimited covers all aspects of information communication technology (ICT) ranging from basic to advanced ICT

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See what some of our loyal customers have to say about our company. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Mary Jane

Multiplatforms’ site is definitely one of the best website designs we’ve seen in a while.

Comos Nwoko

CoicLimited is a very reliable company that I have been with for the past five years. One remarkable thing about them is that they don't relent until your website problem is resolved. Also, their response rate is fast and the constant support they give me regarding any attention that my website needs. There being professional is also what has held me on with them. I have no regrets having them to develop and maintain my website for me.

Chris Robert

I have been a client of CoicLimited for many years, and during this time I have maintained an excellent relationship. From their customer service to their technical support, this company has always satisfied me and turned back to become a customer.   Thank you Multiplatforms