Africa’s Premier program for women public leaders is now open for applications

Madam Fatima Wali-Abdurrahman, Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, African Union Special Envoy on Women, Peace and Security Bineta Diop, Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The flagship program of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development aims to inspire and prepare women to excel in the highest echelons of public leadership

MONROVIA – The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development (EJS Center) is opening applications for women leaders to join its flagship program, the Amujae Initiative. The program is aimed at preparing African women to reach the highest levels of public leadership.

Participants in the program—known as Amujae Leaders—receive world-class mentorship and training from former heads of state, leaders of international organizations, and renowned experts in various fields. It is the only course in the world that is specifically designed to support talented African women leaders through direct coaching from former female heads of state who have forged the path before them.

From 14-30 September, women can apply online to join the Amujae Initiative. This is the first time the program will be open to all applicants from across the continent.

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The first cohort of Amujae Leaders includes current and former members of cabinet, members of parliament, a mayor, senior public servants, political party officials, and senior leaders of NGOs.

Aspiring Amujae Leaders should be women who:

  • Are citizens of and reside in any African country.
  • Have proven leadership talent, having excelled in their chosen fields and distinguished themselves as leaders who can deliver transformative impact.
  • If not already involved in public service, have the vision and proven commitment to become exceptional public leaders.
  • Have demonstrated a commitment towards the upliftment/ empowerment of other women.
  • Are patriotic, demonstrating commitment and service to their home country/countries.

In announcing the application process, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said:

“By unleashing the power of women leaders, we can create a massive step change in our continent’s progress. I have high expectations of the women who join this initiative, nothing less than changing the lives of millions of Africans.

“Of course, any woman has the power to be a change maker in her community, but I’m particularly reaching out to those who want to excel in public leadership. Today, African countries have lower numbers of women in government than their peers on average; this must change for the continent to accelerate development.”

EJS Center Executive Director, Dr. Ophelia Weeks added:

“Increasing the profile of women in leadership will also amplify the voices of all women and girls, giving them the confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions. There are so many wins from this initiative, but perhaps one of the most important is that involving more women in public leadership is essential to create more inclusive societies, where all people can thrive.”

African women interested in learning more and applying for the program should the website to do so.


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