Sheikh Waziri: Security expert with interest of Nigerians at heart

As the population of Nigeria grows frequently, so do the industries involved in the nation’s achievements. One can say as each day comes; it comes with a lot and asides from the persistent economic crisis the nation faces year in year out, security should be least of a citizen’s worries.

But in Nigeria, reverse is the case. An individual cannot go out without the fear of being robbed, kidnapped or even harassed by anyone.

This alarming factor has caused a primary disruption in Nigeria by hindering one’s confidence in terms of being secure.

As the nation battles security, different forces of insecurities surfaces like that of a sect, killings and human brutality, kidnapping and the likes.

Relating all of these, owning a security firm in Nigeria, would help eradicate insecurities.

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Unlike the regular local community securities, there are security personnel that have created and built their own security firm that serves as a platform through which various security guidelines can be executed.

Sheikh Waziri is a Security Industry trainer, and practicing personnel in security and risk management consultation.

He is a professional British Bodyguard and has a career in security operations which began in 2006 where he worked in the night-time economy.

Sheikh Waziri heads and is a leader of two security companies including ‘The Phoenix SW Security’ in Nigeria and ‘The Shield Transatlantic Security’, United Kingdom.

The Phoenix SW Security in Nigeria was built to create a successful security execution in the nation by working collectively to nip the issues of insecurities in the bud.

Phoenix SW Company has worked with so many people from various states and caliber, high-profiled and renowned personalities, politicians, government agencies and clients, by providing utmost security protection during formal and informal occasions.

Furthermore, the security company has the interest of Nigerians at heart and the world at large, which is why Sheikh Waziri saw the need to build a branch in the United Kingdom and more to come, by ensuring security services, training and consultation.


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