What I lost to Covid-19 – Biliden Kod, British Army

As the last quarter of the year draws near, individuals, groups, corporate organisations and governments are assessing the impact of Covid-19, reflecting on how the pandemic had disrupted their goals, plans and achievements for the year.

For Biliden Kod, the pandemic truncated a plan that was very dear to him. “In January, I had plans of travelling to my native country, Ghana, but I had to call it off and suspend all arrangements to travel when the Covid-19 pandemic descended on the world and forced governments to lockdown countries,” he disclosed.

Biliden Kod, real name Stanley Mensah Kodia, is a soldier and the son of Ghanaian parents, Mr James Mensah Kodia (a chief of Oyarifa town in the Greater Accra Region) and Mrs Comfort Mensah Kodia.  He joined the British Army as a medic at the age of 18 and had served in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

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Reflecting on how months of lockdown in the UK had impacted on him, Biliden Kod stated: “The lockdown restricted my movement and adversely affected my social life.”

As he disclosed, the most challenging moment of his life, however, was not during this precarious period of Covid-19 pandemic, neither was it one of the many ups and downs he experienced as a soldier in the British Army. “This was when my wife was sick in the UK while I was in Ghana. I had to rely on a few dependable friends to step in to assist her while I was away,” he affirmed.

Biliden Kod also acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Westbuild Properties. He engages himself on social media to motivate the youth of Ghana which in short run earned him the accolade “youth President”.


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