Economic War: The word behind the war ― By Lambert

In this article, the leader of Africa’s first Economic War, Charles N Lambert, explains the word behind the war to liberate Africa from economic slavery.

Economic War: The word behind the war ― By LambertCharles N Lambert

It used to be that countries, politicians fought a war of words before every election, economic situations, after which some come together while others quit or lose in the war. 

That is no longer the case in this era of economic slavery as many Africans led by Charles N Lambert are eager to fight for their economic rights, be set free from poverty and make Africa the economic giant of the world by actions and not just by words.

For the first time in many years, the dominant African Economic ideas are being challenged with a vigour never seen before.

The Black Wall Street led by Charles N Lambert believes that if only these ideas that have left the African continent halfway can be challenged, there would be a meeting of great minds in Africa, hence, an Economic War was declared to fight and challenge the economic ideas holding Africa backwards through capital flight.

It is this realisation that a sizeable portion of African economy, natural resources, human labour, the African-Americans and lots more, that Lambert is leading Africans to put up a fight and economic daggers are drawn. The fight promises to leave no stone unturned until Africa gains economic independence.

Explaining the word behind the War, Lambert in one of the events hosted under the Black Wall Street, explained that the word behind the war is rooted in the word of God, saying that God is a person of War which is seen in His character.

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Hence, the Black Wall Street led by Lambert is set to establish God’s Kingdom in Africa for His will to manifest upon the people.  In his word, Lambert said “I’m going to lead the sons of God, and we are going to establish heaven on earth and will crush everything that stands in the opposition without mercy”

Citing biblical scriptures from the book of Psalm 144 vs 1 in the old testament which read “ Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight”

Another scripture cited from the book of 2nd Chronicles 20 vs 17 “you will not have to fight this battle, take up your positions and stand firm”

Lambert further cited Exodus 14 vs 14 saying “the Lord will fight for you, only hold your peace”

Focusing on Mathew 6: 10 which reads “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”, Lambert says it is the word behind the war because it is the will of God.

With the above scriptures proving that the word behind the economic war is rooted in God, Lambert encourages Africans to stand firm, as the Black Wall Street is determined to using God’s resources with wisdom to empower the people, liberating the oppressed, bringing social Harmony, creating different jobs for Africans and investments return.

Reading out the pledge and focus of the Economic War, Lambert said “It is to actively engage in commercial projects which ensures that the earth resources are utilized in the most humanity focused way possible”

It is now apparent that the Black Wall Street would not rest until everything that Westerners stole from Africa and held sacred is overthrown, and returned to the continent,thereby establishing unlimited wealth and good life.

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