Environmental Sanitation: 83 defaulters arrested in Kano


By Bashir Bello

Not fewer than 83 defaulters of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise have been arrested and tried by a mobile court for violating the sanitation orders in Kano State.

The defaulters were arrested while the exercise was ongoing, tried and fine the sum of over N62,000 in accordance with their offences.

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The Commissioner of Environment and Task Force Committee, Kabiru Getso disclosed this while speaking with newsmen after the exercise on Saturday.

Getso said, “Today being the last Saturday of the month, the State committee on Sanitation went around metropolitan of Kano and supervised the evacuation of refuse at Kofar Wambai.

“Also arrested defaulters of the Sanitation order instead of staying at home from 7-10 am, they were tried and fined N62,650 by the mobile court judges.”

Earlier, the team visited the popular Yanlemo market in Na’ibawa area of the state where it registered its displeasure with how the market is unkempt and sounded words of warning to the management to ensure hygiene is the order of the day in the market.

“We are not really happy with what we have seen in Yanlemo market. It’s really untidy, we have seen a heap of refuse, decomposed oranges and other fruits in the market which is hazardous.

“We have called on the management and sounded a warning to them that they ensure that the market is clean and tidy. We would be going there frequently to ensure that the level of sanitation in the market is improved so that the health of the good people of Kano is safeguarded,” the Commissioner, Getso however said.

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