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Godson Umeh: In and out of a Nigerian jeweler


He is the second oldest of four. At age 19, he thought it was time for him to test different things he’d always had a passion for; this informed his decision to quit school.

At a young age, Godson had already started reselling footwear and clothes. In fact, he sold anything and everything you could ever desire and at that moment, his clients were just his young friends and schoolmates. Anybody who wanted anything incorrect Godson. Soon enough, the thought stuck along with the name,’ GodsonThePlug’ was birthed.

After selling a wide selection of fashion pieces to his friends up until he quit school, Godson finally launched his own business at 19. His company focuses on creating fashion pieces that will blow the minds of people around the world.

He creates custom pendants and rings for his or her clientele. When asked the reason for deciding to deal in custom pendants and rings, Godson noted that he is a fashion person and loves pieces of jewellery. According to him, no outfit is ever complete without jewellery and like icing on the cake, pieces of jewellery complete an individual’s looks, making them stand out.

Godson confessed that his primary aim is to satisfy his customers as he intends to be the Midas touch for each and every bit of jewellery he touches.

He explained; “I definitely have bigger plans for my own brand. I have plans on moving global particularly in the USA, Nigeria and other style trending portions of the world. You’re never fully dressed without a piece of attachment here and there. Rings and chains or pendants bring out the beauty and coolness of an outfit. Michael Kors said, “I’ve always thought of accessories because of the exclamation point of an ensemble”. Anything you wear, what catches the eye of most people to this outfit are the accessories- the rings, necklace, chains or pendants”.

To him, no matter how risky it is, all that comes from each insecure experience are course, no regrets. Before delving into jewellery making, he was able to play football. He had a brief history with the area of soccer but chose to take a hike when it did not work out for him.

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Clients who have worked in the past stick with him since besides selling quality trend pieces, he also has a wonderful customer care service culture which endears him to his customers so they keep coming back for more.

Godson expects that in the next five years, his brand will be one of the biggest and most sought after jewellery brands in the world. He advises each entrepreneur to maintain striving because the end of the tunnel is brighter than the road leading into it.

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