Kerosene Explosion: Women, 70, 21, inflicted with serious severe burns in Ebonyi

Adulterated kerosene is from Port Harcourt – Ebonyi Govt

Kerosene Explosion: Women, 70, 21, inflicted with serious severe burns in Ebonyi

By Peter Okutu – Abakaliki

Two separate kerosene explosions, weekend rocked Abakaliki, and inflicted two women with severe burns on their skin.

The incident, which involved a 70-year-old woman and a 21-year-old girl has thrown residents into fear and apprehension over the possibility of adulterated kerosene in circulation in the state.

The 70 years old, Mrs. Elizabeth Igwe resides at 3 Jemeni Street in the capital city while the girl Miss Chinenye Ezekwenna resides at 40 Jemeni Street.

Narrating her ordeal, Elizabeth said the kerosene exploded when she was refilling her hurricane lamp in the night.

According to her, the suspected adulterated kerosene was purchased by a little boy from a roadside vendor.

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Miss Chinenye narrated that the kerosene exploded when she poured it on smouldering firewood as she was cooking.

The victim, who said she suffered burn on her legs, arm, and jaw, explained that she purchased the suspected adulterated kerosene from a retail shop.

Miss Ezekwanna was seen using ordinary water to clean the severe burn on her body while the seventy-year-old woman said she had been treated at a hospital and now being managed by a nurse at home.

The Special Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor on Petroleum, Bassey Chima stated that when the victims were contacted, they refused to disclose the source of the adulterated kerosene.

“We have gone to the place but the victims were not ready to give us information. They are not opening up. From our findings, the kerosene is not from the filling station.

“We will deal with it. The person suspected to have sold the product has moved. I told my people that If they will use Police they should use extra information. They alleged that the kerosene came from Port Harcourt.”


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