Delta community kingmakers refute report on Ewu stool

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By Tunde Oso

The king makers of Ewu kingdom, Delta State have refuted claims made by a group of people in a section of the media.

This was revealed in an October 15, 2020 statement issued by the duo of Solomon Omititiri and Olorogun Okagbare, Secretary and spokesperson, respectively on behalf of the king makers for Ewu kingdom, advising people to steer clear of such an issue.

The refutal by the elders led by Chiefs Unuevworo and Omititiri, stemmed from what they described as a publication – Public Notice in the October 1, 2020edition of a national newspaper wherein the claimants made attempts at re-writing history of the history of Ewu kingdom.

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According to the statement: “It’s a trite knowledge to the people of Ewu kingdom that the Ahavwa family is the king makers of Ewu kingdom, who are saddled with the responsibility to bestow upon the people of Ewu the King and Osuivie respectively. To this end, the king and the Osuivie becomes the king and Osuivie of Ewu kingdom, and not the king of Ewu kingdom and Osuivie of Ahavwa as published that:

The title of Osuivie is for only male descendants, who are residents in the three streets of Uhereviodo Quarters and that on no account has the title gone to any female descendants in history of the family group.”That a person of Chief Michael College Ohwofaria, who is a female descendant, holding the title is a misnomer and contrary to the norms of the Ahavwa kingmakers family group that appointed him.”There is nowhere in the custom and tradition of Ahavwa king makers family, neither is there any record anywhere in the world that the title of Osuivie is for only male descendants, who are residents in the three streets of Uhereviodo quarters.

“Going down memory lane,the statement averred that: “For record purposes and for those who are not knowledgeable in the traditional history and the norm of the Ewu kingdom, the Ahavwa king makers family, Olorogun Abirhire Evinievughe was a one-time Osuivie of Ewu kingdom from1973-1985, who was a female descendant, and other numerous Osuivie to mention.

“The edict of the Bendel state Legal Notice No. 90 of 1979 made pursuant to the traditional rulers and chiefs edict 1979, paragraph 4 state thus:”king makers, the Ahavwa family group of Ewu town shall be the kingmakers and it comprises Ekromowha, Ekrogavwe Uduvwogbor kindred. Only the male adult, who by birth belongs to this family group, who are resident in the family quarters shall be king maker and qualified as such to participate in the election of a candidate to fill the stool of the Ovie of Ewu.”

The section only talked about the king makers and those that qualify to participate in an election to fill the stool of the Ovie of Ewu kingdom where the need arises. Osuivie was not mentioned.

The statement advised those with ulterior motives including causing trouble in the kingdom to thread softly.

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