There’s no justification for killing protesters – Obidike

Obidike Chukwuebuka, Ambassador to the Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC has charged the Federal government to hide their shame and hacken to the patriotic demands of the Nigerian youths.

Addressing the pressmen, Obidike condemns the barbaric attack on innocent protesters by hired Hoodlums.

His words: “There’s no justification for killing protesters. It is unlawful and a crime against humanity to disrupt, debar and shoot sporadically at peaceful protesters. Doing so is an act of tyranny.  I urge more Nigerian youths to troop out in their multitudes and fight for their rights.  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Movement and right to a peaceful democratic protest are all fundamental human rights.

“The bloodthirsty peppersoup-soldiers can’t confront Boko Haram terrorists, only trigger happy killing innocent youths. It is disgusting to see the proletariats as tools and devices used to kill their fellow proletariats. When will the poor and oppressed learn? Instead of coming together as the proletariats and oppressed to form alliance, we are inflicting incurable and unforgettable wounds of hostility against ourselves. I am pained, deeply pained.

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“I weep for Nigeria. our flag, Our national identity. Our pride as a nation. But today it is stained by blood. Stained by the blood of innocent youths protesting and yearning for good governance , stained by blood of unarmed children killed by their own kith and kin in army uniform. Who ordered these killings? Why will the soldiers even allow themselves to be used to perpetrate such evil. Where is their allergiance? Is it to the constitution they swore to protect or to an elected individual? Same soldiers whose salaries are paid by same people they were ordered to kill. Same people that are agitating for better welfare and better governance for everyone including  the soldiers and the police . This is indeed so saddening. I weep for Nigeria. I watched as sounds of gunshots filled the air killing innocent souls  as these youths sang the National Anthem waving our national flag in patriotism. Now I ask again. Are these soldiers for Nigeria or against Nigeria?  I weep for this nation.

In civilised countries, security agencies supports citizens. In Nigeria, Security agents are against citizens. You do entertainment, they come in to control it. You start a business, they come with policies to shut it down. You buy a good car, police go dey vex. You open a factory, Government will not rest till they close it down and render all your workers jobless. THE MASSES ARE TIRED AND THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH! End police brutality and Bad governance in the country.


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