How God revealed Nigeria’s current situation to Prophet T.B Joshua -Prophet I.O Samuel reveals solution 

Popular Abuja clergy, Prophet I.O Samuel has joined the league of clergymen who have voiced out about the current situation plaguing the Nation.

The prophet noted for his prophetic alerts said our problem cannot be solved politically but according to the revelation God gave prophet T.B Joshua.

Good morning my fellow Nigerians. I break my silence since no one has seen this truth I want to voice out today; our problems can never be solved by political pride or denominational supremacy any more.

Violence is out of place. We have tried it before but it only led to regrets, destruction, shame and division nationwide. Youths, thanks for standing to fight a good fight of truth to secure our future and for a new Nigeria.  I’m proud of you, but our problem still remains.  It’s spiritual because of blood shed.

We need a prophet to pray and counsel our leaders. I avoided this for long because of opinion of men but now it does not matter. Every nation is giving a prophet to guide them by God. We have a prophet in our nation but every one disregarded him, accused him and called him names. They abused him and ignored him and kept claiming clergy and denominational supremacy with division that has not taken us nowhere.

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We need wisdom and unity urgently. My father, Prophet T.B Joshua was the only prophet that saw this protest coming seven years ago about protests if our leaders don’t carry our youths along; I refer you to social media if you pretend that you have not seen the video of this accurate prophecy and advice may God forgive you.

I was there live in SCOAN but no one listened. It has come to us now. Mr. President, if we pretend and hide it under the carpet, it will still come up soon. I plead in humility to Mr. President, Senators, our religious leaders invite this great man of God, in honour of God that sent him. Hand him over the spiritual key of this nation, open your heart, check record.

Several nations are benefiting now from his humble grace. Recently, South Sudan did this and got liberation after many years of suffering.  He has been praying privately but we need cleansing in the land now’.

In a chat with Prophet I. O Samuel of Shiloh Word Chapel Abuja, he said: “My prophecy is from  2Chronicles 20:20; 2Kings  2:19-22; He saw it coming, he has the key and solution to our problems. Mr. President Muhammad Buhari, that’s why God showed him this earlier seven years ago. Also that Nigeria is in a valley and can be free by God mercy alone. I decree peace in 36 states of Nigeria, let love lead”.


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