Let us clean up the streets, destruction of properties needless – Chima Anyaso

Chima AnyasoAnyaso

Leading youth advocate and founder Chima Anyaso Foundation, and co-founder of the New Nigeria 2019, NN19, Chima Anyaso have called for an end to violence and wanton destruction of properties, and a stoppage on the attack as the aftermath of a peaceful protest across Nigeria. He said it was time to clean up the streets and get those affected back to their feet.

In a statement made available to Vanguard, Friday, Anyaso said now is time to stop the violators while the genuine protesters galvanized into a strong political movement.

“It breaks my heart to see our cities in ruins, I am pained to see how many young entrepreneurs have lost their livelihood and monumental community establishments destroyed. The looting and destruction that we have witnessed should continually remind us of the need to effect a leadership overhaul across the country.

“Unfortunately, we were rendered helpless by a curfew while hoodlums were given a free hand to loot and destroy our streets. Today we sit to take stock of how our peaceful demonstrations were turned to bloodbath by known State actors and how criminal elements roamed the streets to destroy what is left of our human dignity while we sat at home in obedience to government-imposed curfew.

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“it is a shame to see how young people took out their anger at the inept leadership of the nation on their fellow victims of bad, backward, and oblivious governance. The victims of looting and destructions that have happened in the last 48hrs are our fellow young struggling entrepreneurs. It is time to clean up the mess.

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“I encourage every member of the Chima Anyaso Foundation, our friends and supporters to immediately swing into action to clean up our streets. It doesn’t matter where you are, please lend a helping hand to clean up the mess left behind by the hoodlums who were given free hand to operate and destroy our streets.

“We have lost friends and loved ones to this struggle but they would have died in vain if we fail to get our acts together and continue the struggle” the statement read.


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