Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere @47: Celebrating a great harvester of souls

Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere @47: Celebrating a great harvester of souls

By Nwokoma Messiah

Today the 22nd day of October 2020, the global ecclesiastical family and humanity, in general, will be celebrating the life of a great Nigerian.

Somebody who has come to be known for so many things to many persons. Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere the founder of the Omega Power Ministries OPM turns 47 today and despite his young age in life, what this man has done has surpassed what many that have lived longer than him in age and in ministry has achieved.

Today, as our dear country is enmeshed in one of the greatest protests of all time, carried out by our great youths, we celebrate one of our own who like those in the streets making us proud, has also done his own part to make humanity have a sense of pride and dignity.  While some individuals would have been basking in the euphoria of the birthday celebrations that will take place in the country, Apostle Chinyere will not be celebrating with his large congregation neither will he be doing it with his immediate family due to the fact that for probably the first time since he began the ministry he will be celebrating outside the shores of the country because he has been trapped outside the country as a result of the protests that have grounded the country to a halt.

One good thing that those of us who have come to know and admire this detribalised and philanthropic Nigerian is that he will be celebrating this year’s birthday with members of the Nigerian youth population whom God has used him to change their stories from that of gloom to that of hope is faraway Turkey where they are on his scholarship programme.

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As the world stands still to celebrate him today, the Nigerian youths whom he has continually remained a blessing to and for whose case he is in faraway Turkey to help formalise some arrangements concerning their free educational programme, will be celebrating him as the face of empowerment and liberator from the shackles of hopelessness. While the protests against the Nigerian leadership is at its zenith, acclaiming the contributions of this great clergy will also be reaching its apogee on the lips of the people.

Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere has become God’s instrument which God has used to help mankind. Ensuring that like our Saviour Jesus Christ, anybody who comes around him not minding the language they speak or the religion they profess, they are given the same treatment as  God’s creations.

Today, the over two thousand children whom Daddy OPM has assisted in bringing to life through his free hospital programme are celebrating such a wonderful ‘GIFT’  to them. The thousands of students whom he has given the basics of education in his free school programme are celebrating him as one of the greatest of mankind’s ICON of free education. Those whom he has blessed financially and through various skill acquisition training will be celebrating him as one of the greatest empowerment figures of our time and most importantly the tens of thousands of souls he keeps harvesting for the kingdom of Christ will be celebrating him as one of the greatest harvesters of souls which the world has witnessed.

Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere is a phenomenon that has impacted the lives of the people. He has done so much for humanity and what he has done will keep seeing him through in life and the is nothing anybody or forces can do to prevail against him. As we know him to celebrate him, the whole country is also joining in celebrating him. My Hausa, Yoruba, Igala, Jukun, Tiv, Idoma, etc colleagues, as well as associates, have also been inundating me with calls to wish him well and also that God continue to bless and protect him for the sake of the good works he is doing which has not only seen most of them achieving their earthly dreams but also the spiritual dream of making heaven.

To Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, my message is that what he has started in life will be the most divine project that cannot be abandoned. Just as he is in Turkey today with over a hundred of his scholarship students and not in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, so also the heavenly beings will leave heaven to empower him here on Earth to continue with his good works for which they have been glorifying God Almighty.

Happy birthday Sir and may our good Lord continue to guide, guard, protect, favour, and establish you to His glory, amen.

Nwokoma Messiah wrote this piece from Abuja FCT.


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