#EndSARS: Our leaders lack compassion hence the protests ― Owie

BuhariRoland Owie

By Ozioruva Aliu, Benin-City

Former Chief Whip of the Senate, Sir Roland Owie has said that the lack of compassion on the part of Nigerian leaders may have been responsible for the violent dimension the anti-police brutality demonstration assumed across the country with the invasion of caring away of palliatives for COVID-19 in several state capitals.

Speaking on the protests in Benin City yesterday, Owie told Vanguard that “Head of a family, head of a village, chairman of the council, head of institutions both political and religious, if they don’t have compassion, the Holy Spirit will desert such an environment and once the Holy Spirit leaves and environment what you have is anarchy and chaos.

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The current people in government have no compassion and so the Holy Spirit has long deserted Nigeria.

“But the way forward is that these our children meant very well but their activities were hijacked with the opening of prisons, burning media houses, burning palaces, it means the genuine agitators are no longer in control so what I appeal to them that they should immediately retrace their steps and let the government dialogue with them urgently but governments at all levels must show compassion.

Why you see Nigeria still managing on is that there are innocent children being born every day, at least 200 children are born in Nigeria weekly so it is the innocence of those children that have been keeping us”


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