You can’t brush Lekki killings under carpet, Fani-Kayode blasts Tinubu

Fani-Kayode and Tinubu

By Idowu Bankole

A former Aviation Minister and foremost Chieftain of the main opposition party in Nigeria, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has on Sunday blasted the former governor of Lagos state and the current National leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu over comments on the Lekki shootings.

Fani-Kayode noted that the response of the National Leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu to Lekki killings is attempting to blame the protesters for their own deaths and for being blown apart by callous men in Military fatigue.

Fani-Kayode stated that sadly instead of exhibiting any remorse or displaying any regret for the abominable atrocity, with a smile and jocular tone, the APC national leader reportedly said nothing other than I am “still the Asiwaju of Lagos and the Jagaban”

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In a short essay made available to VANGUARD, Fani Kayode said he would not be cowed and mesmerised to speak the truth even if everyone has decided no keep quiet.

Fani-Kayode said, “Even if the whole country is cowed and mesmerised by Tinubu and applauds his callousness, vanity, subterfuge, deceit, ruthlessness, obsessive ambitions, lack of fear of God and doublespeak I FFK, the Voice of the Voiceless, the Servant of Truth, the Lover of God, the Beloved of the Lord, the Otunba of Jogaland, the Sadaukin Shinkafi, the Odum Agu and the Odugwu Eze will not.

“His spell cannot silence, bind or blind me as it has done to others. I see him for what he is and his vain and boastful words here (Tinubu’s reaction to Lekki killings) have confirmed it. To think I once loved and admired you gives me sleepless nights and goose pimples. How could I have been so blind?”

Fani-Kayode citing previous incidents, recalled reactions that trailed Pa Fasoranti’s daughter’s death when she was shot dead by alleged herdsmen.

“When Baba Fasoranti’s daughter was murdered by Fulani herdsmen he reportedly made a mockery of it, went to his house and asked: “where are the cows?”

“This was insensitive, callous and painful and all the more so because when the murderers of this much-loved and referred lady were eventually apprehended and arrested they were indeed Fulani herdsmen even though their cows were not arrested with them.”

The latest episode in your catalogue of insensitivities is that children that were protesting peacefully and asking for #EndSARS and an end to police brutality have been slaughtered at Lekki TollGate in Lagos under your watch as National Leader of the APC.”

“Sadly instead of exhibiting any remorse or displaying any regret for this abominable atrocity, with a sheepish smile and a sneering and jocular tone, you had the sheer nerve and effrontery to say nothing other than that you are “still the Asiwaju of Lagos and the Jagaban?”  Fani-Kayode said.

“Yet what was even worse than this and what shocked and astounded all right-thinking people all the more was that Tinubu had the temerity to go on even further to say that the “casualties at the Lekki shooting have some questions to answer!”

He then asked,  “how are they there?”, “how long were they there?” and “what kind of characters were they?”

How cruel can he be? Not a word of condolence or expression of commiseration were reportedly said to the families of the dead but instead, you offered questions and baseless accusations against their wards and children who were butchered in the most brutal circumstances and heartless manner.”

“He has no self-respect, Children were murdered in our streets and this is all you have to say?

“You are attempting to blame them for being shot to death and blown to pieces by a bunch of genocidal maniacs in uniform who subjected them to crimes against humanity, genocide and mass murder”

“You seek to cover up these horrendous crimes and you are attempting to dishonour and denigrate the dead and desecrate and mock the great sacrifice of these courageous young martyrs for democracy who were murdered in cold blood on the front lines in the field of battle?”

“Let me tell him this: Tinubu’s diversionary plan will not work! This matter will not go away!

“He will not brush it under the carpet, you will not play it down, he and  Sanwoolu will not escape responsibility for failing to protect our people from the beastly savages that slaughtered them and their scurrilous attempt to muddy the waters, cover up the truth and pervert the course of justice will be exposed”

“He only harbours love, which borders on obsession, for your vain and lofty ambition to rule Nigeria and trust me when I tell you that this will never happen.”

To add to that the Holy Bible says “the Lord resists the proud and exalts the humble”.

I counsel and urge him to ponder and meditate deeply on these words. I advise him to humble yourself before God, get to know Him, learn to fear Him and seek justice and truth before it is too late!

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