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The Tox: Courtney Yeager’s revolutionary lymphatic technique

Whether you want to look good or feel good, Courtney Yeager has the solution for you. After recognizing how underrated and under studied the lymphatic system was in the U.S., Courtney set out to create a massage technique that releases toxins while ridding the body of excess water retention. Thus, The Tox was born.

Courtney’s technique is a unique blend of different detox modalities studied from around the world. “After much research and study, I found my technique not only detoxified your body, but had major long-lasting aesthetic results, leaving you slimmer in a one hour session,” she says. “Our training is very extensive and we don’t settle for anything less than amazing.”


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Due to the technique’s wide variety of benefits, and high-profile locations in L.A., New York, and Miami, it comes as no surprise that celebrities and influencers are quick to book an appointment. Even still, Courtney isn’t done making a name for herself in the health and wellness industry. “I’ve flown under the radar for the last 7 years and haven’t had a huge following on social media,” she says. “But people are genuinely interested in my journey because I have done it all from nothing.”

According to Courtney, this is only the beginning of her business journey. On financial stability, she says, “There is no number that seems high enough to me. I truly enjoy the hustle and I don’t believe I will ever feel satisfied.”

The Tox has major expansion plans, expanding to ten additional cities by 2021 and launching a lymphatic health product line in the next two months. Courtney says, “I am set out to make a change and I will not settle for anything less.”



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