From Pandemic to Panoply of Data in Project Monitoring and Evaluation

From Pandemic to Panoply of Data in Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), has negatively impacted numerous Organizations abilities to effectively monitor and evaluate projects and programs. Some Organizations and Governmental bodies adapted quickly and effectively to the changing business environments.

As project managers, and other stakeholders were able to work remotely on a centralized system, for adequate monitoring, and evaluation of their ongoing projects. Unfortunately, majority of Organizations, as well as businesses, bear the brunt of this pandemic, due to substantial delays, poor monitoring or cancellations of respective projects.

As Organizations and Government agencies begin to gradually return to a new normal, we wonder what the project and program management of various Organizations will look like, in terms of what changes will be implemented as well as the operating system for execution of projects.

Given the magnitude and complexity of these challenges, it is imperative that numerous Organizations and agencies will have to work tirelessly in integrating a flexible system to cater for spontaneous changes.

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This is where Project Monitoring and Evaluation system come in handy, as they play an integral role in providing solutions, to deal with the emerging circumstances, and to aid in maintaining an overall functional operation.

They are utilized as capacity building solution for planning and management of resources, controlling and reducing risks, ensuring quality, working within constraints, and synergizing coordination across the organization to achieve the desired objective(s).

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted the lapses in most Organizations’ working environments, which are characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

In order to prepare for this next stage, Organizations need to be able to monitor their various on-going projects in different units or departments.

With the provision of quick solutions to the current project challenges by integrating reputable systems in this field, such as the Maybeach Technologies’ Integrated Project Information (I-PIN) System, which is an easy to use data collection and analytics web-based tool.

Organizations’ document management for archiving, as well as various levels of workflow processing, will be effectively monitored and managed.

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