Music Entertainment is my first love Diamond Chief

“I always search the radio just to get lists of the current hit songs and know the supposed artists that sang it. After secondary college, while pursuing a career,

I used to hang out with friends who worked in a music shop back then in Ghana around my home town. The shops had its office at the center of the city near a nightclub,” he says, “I also hung around Deejays at events organized by top Ghanaian showbiz entrepreneur, bought mixtapes and had DJs help me record songs to play at home or small get the together party during holidays.”

Abdul Nasir Osman graduated from Accra state University In 2002 where he studied business administration. Began artiste management after a friend of his who does music back then in college asked him to be his personal manager. and that was how his journey in music began.

“At first, it was just for the fun of it, but a year later, it started making a name for myself and making a living of this and realized I could actually do this for real as a career,” he says.

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Diamond chief has been lucky to have worked with some great industry mentors, who had helped guide him along on the journey and so far so good. It hasn’t been all smooth and easy, and he definitely loved every part of the journey to date.

Talk about his current deal with shatta bundle and the story behind his success, he has this to say. I was co-founder, and supported his career when he wasn’t that popular, and “I strongly believe that in the next couple of years there will be a boom leading to an inflow of more labels seeking out African and ghana talents like him and the rest to sign on and showcase to the world.”

His advice for young African artists?. Well, “Most Ghanaian and African artists do not know the difference between having a proper label and a label imprint. These days, everyone forms an imprint and without even a proper registration of the label name as a limited liability company, they claim they are record label owners. And adding to that he says one’s disability should stand as a stopping stop in achieving your supposed dream.

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