Zugacoin: Open letter to Gov Ortom by Archbishop Sam Zuga

Not relenting on his vision 0202-2020 agenda which is targeted at making lives better for all Nigerian youths, Archbishop Sam Zuga has penned an open letter to Benue State Governor, Dr. Samuel Ortom to key into Zugacoin Crypocurrency.

Samzuga via the open communication beckoned on the his Excellency to take advantage of the world’s soon to be most expensive cryptocurrency to boost the financial freedom of the youths in the State. As well as encourage Benue people and Nigerians to key into Zugacoin technological investment

Zugacoin which is intended to be used to alleviate unemployment in Africa, starting from Nigeria started its presale November 14, 2020.



It is with great pleasure and sense of fulfilment that i write this open letter to you. This is my third open letter since you became the Governor of Benue State.

The act of leadership is most difficult task i have ever encountered and as a result, i must commend your ability to lead the good people of Benue State to this moment. You can not satisfy everyone and cannot finish the work of building the State in all your years as Governor, hence i say “just keep doing your best & leave the rest in the hands of God.

I made a vow to God on 6th September, 2005 that ” EVEN IF I DON’T OWN A CAR OR A HOUSE, BUT I AM SOLUTION TO PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS, TO LET THEM KNOW THAT THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN, IT’S ENOUGH FOR ME”. From that time till now, God has been faithfully helping me to identify and solve problems.

The major problem of Nigeria and Africa is poverty, be it in the mind or pocket. It has been my heart desire to help in this area for a long time. I tried several ways but God finally gave me the way. I have the privilege to create a Cryptocurrency called ZUGACOIN. I am the first African to launch a Cryptocurrency on a global exchange platform.

Blockchain Technology is the only way to attack poverty as at now, to be financially stable is no longer difficult as it used to be using this technology.

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In the case of ZUGACOIN, it has passed through all the required procedures and is set to be used since 10/10/2020. I have been delaying it’s release because i don’t want foreign investors to hijack it, making me not to achieve the main aim for this noble project. I really want Benue people and Nigerians to take advantage of this opportunity.

Having seen the high speed of acceptability all over Nigeria, I finally began presale yesterday 14/11/2020 while the ICO is on 01/12/2020.

Presale is an avenue in Cryptocurrency to give wealth to special people before going public. The official price of 1 ZUGACOIN as stated in the white paper is equal to the value of 100 Ethereum which is equivalent to 40,000 Dollars as time of my valuation .

If you divide 40,000 by 100, you will get 400 Dollars, that is why the presale price of 1 ZUGACOIN is valued at 400 Dollars. Whoever will buy now, by 1st December, that the price is becoming 40,000 Dollars officially, the person will be having 40,000 Dollars non-negotiable. This simply means, any amount, even 10,000 Naira, if you put in, you will have 100 times of it by 1st December. This is how it works for all cryptocurrencies all over the world. Imagine the financial revolution that a Benue State son has brought home.

I call on you to key into this project by investing in the capacity of State Government, in your personal capacity and also encourage Benue people and Nigerians to key into this technological investment.

On my own part as a Benue son, I have decided to offer Naira equivalent of ZUGACOIN to the following categories of people in Benue State during this  presale period.

  1. All serving and past elected councilors N50,000
  2. All serving and past elected State Assembly members N100,000
  3. All serving and past local government Chairmen N150,000. 4. All serving and past House of Reps Members N500,000. 5. All serving and past Senators N1,000,000. All serving and past Governors N10,000,000.

I have packages for Youths and women in Benue State and Nigeria at large which will be announced before the end of Presale.

Hon. Mnena Ikyondo Ikpa, the National Exco member of Samzuga Foundation MCS LTD will ensure the Data capturing, wallet opening and ZUGACOIN distribution to all the beneficiaries.

All registered members of Samzuga Foundation MCS LTD have better packages which would be distributed at appropriate time.


  1. Use Roqqu App or any Exchange App for Purchase of Ethereum Crypto.For Roqqu, create account using the link


  1. Create your Roqqu Account (You can Buy/Sell, Send/Receive Crypto, Deposit & Withdraw Fiat here)
  2. Upgrade Your Roqqu Account By using any valid means of identification
  3. Deposit $400 in the Roqqu & Buy ETH for the Presale
  4. Now Download & Install Trust Wallet, Mew Wallet App or any other ERC-20 compatible wallet from Playstore
  5. Create Ethereum wallet and send the $400 Ethereum from the Roqqu Exchange App to the Mew or ERC-20 Wallet
  6. Now send the $400 worth of ETH to OxOcb2216419b355e131b7b958902f15e146684

After sending ETH, fill the form below:


Anyone who doesn’t understand should call the following customer care lines for assistance please or Contact our Admins for further help: 09066916565, 08029190438, 08126526511, 07044974153


Archbishop_Dr_Sam_Zuga, (Jehovah’s Field Marshall).”

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