BREAKING: We will soon set up 5G technology, says FG

The Federal Government of Nigeria has declared its intent to set up the Fifth Generation (5G) Tech in the telecommunications sector shortly.

Even though allaying anxieties of any threat to security and health within the installation of 5G, the authorities said the assets and earnings to be gained from its installation are so enormous that they can’t be ignored.

The MoU between the two bureaus will put the foundations for the purchase of Frequency Spectrum acceptable for the installation of the technology from the nation.

Danbatta stated the NigComSat needed the proper technologies to ease the deployment.

“The C-band is the most suitable and suitable for the prompt installation of 5G services taking into account availability of apparatus ecosystem with 60-70percent of international business 5G network set up now in the group, thus the significance of this Spectrum for premature installation of 5G providers in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.

“For optimum 5G support functionality, a mean of neighbouring 100 MHz of spectrum at the C-band is necessary by an Operator.

“The Commission initiated a discussion with NIGCOMSAT who at our quote could make some modification to its satellite performance and release component of its Spectrum holding at the group to ease the installation of 5G at Nigeria.

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“The two agencies are in talks about the best way best to relocate the operations of NG-1R into the typical C-band 300MHz (3.9GHz — 4.2GHz) potion of this group, which can be more appropriate in relation to Satellite service offering since the end-user terminal is significantly cheaper there while departing the non-invasive C-band 400MHz (3.5GHz — 3.9GHz) part of this ring for 5G usage,” Danbatta explained.

The Managing Director of NigComSat, Dr Abimbola Alale, lauded the committees set up by both agencies for performing a comprehensive job, including that the MoU will alter the narratives of their electronic and telecommunications sector in the nation.

Chairman of the NCC board,” Prof Adeolu Akande, stated recently, many administrations had started to permit Spectrum for industrial deployment of 5G.

Prof Akande, who stated 5G services had been set up in the United States of America, South Korea and a lot more nations, stated telecommunication evolution from beginning to date had contributed to progress in user experience observed from 2G, 3G and afterwards 4G.

“The worldwide effect of 4G caused increases in cellular usage and network functionality.

“5G will build on this momentum, attracting significant network enhancements, such as high connection rates, freedom and capability, in addition to low-latency capabilities.

“5G doesn’t just offer improved broadband and ultra-reliable latency communications but also provides enormous machine-type communications, where a great deal of apparatus will seamlessly join and independently interact with the net without human intervention,” he added.

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