Erica showed men no more approach her since they are “intimidated” by her success

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica Ngozi Nlewedim, popularly called Erica or Star girl, has shouted out she does not secure man toasters anymore.

The ex-BBNaija celebrity, in a meeting with a podcast community, talked about her relationship standing and it appears no man is approaching her.

The actress was asked if she gets attention from guys after her newfound fame.

Responding, Erica showed men no more approach her since they are”intimidated” by her success.

Erica attributed the shortage of male toasters in her life to her newly found fame and success.

From the video shared on the internet, the fact star said: “A lot of people are intimidated so that I don’t get toasters anymore.’

The social networking character went further to advocate all her toasters to come back in what seems like a joking manner.

She said: “All of my toasters return I miss you.”

Although Erica joked within the announcement during the interview societal media users aren’t finding what she stated to be humorous as they’ve responded to her claim in several ways.

According to social media consumers, most persons categorically spelt it out she had no right to make such an assertion because she isn’t the only successful woman in Nigeria adding that others get admirers.

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Others have used the chance to bash her asserting it had been her screen while at the BBN house that’s keeping men away from her.

Jennifer_owiriwa wrote: “Omo nobody is intimidated abeg, nah your display on tv Dey fear them.”

Aaeimed stated: “I do not think that it’s bcos you’re successful, they’re a zillion of successful women who get toasted all the time. So what could it be?”

Melinda gates wey only divorce sef, they have begun toasting her.”

Theseunlah said:” Rich folks no rate you’re that. Even the greatest girls dey get toasters.”

___sixpence wrote: “They know to say you go curse there life before any small arguments”

Tiahair_care said: “The Guy who desired to meet with you on Twitter nko… He wasn’t intimidated, one-piece ma’am…..You requested him to wait for your next meet and greet.”

03.20_1 stated: “She’s gotten bread but no toasters anymore.”

Shes_merccc wrote: “Na ur character for bbn house cause is nothing like intimidation.”

cyckes_tha. Hybrid tweeted: “These people and trying to stay relevant, what type of men? This one does not know some men do not even understand her.”

akaharaofficial wrote: “This one is delusional. So guys don’t toast successful women ”

Seun_phillips wrote: “Men are still wooing Genevieve, Linda Ikeja and other more/better effective women. Nonetheless, it’s you that own a home in Lekki and also a vehicle guys will be intimated to woo. Madam no actual man wants the drama around you or wish to deal with your type. Enjoy your life.”

Kingjudeversion stated: “You miss your toasters or you overlook the simps who constantly gives you free attention and validation.”

Darlington.ginika.79 wrote: “Abeg get at, if you move misbehave for bbn home, who go desire toast?”




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