Master Chemistry for exams Candidates

Master Chemistry

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.....with practical approach to questions and answers plus chemical Gist

with WAEC & NECO past Questions & Answers From 1988


About the Book

Master Chemistry and Formulae is a text carefully and specifically designed to meet the demand of Students preparing for both internal and external exams in Secondary School s and Institutions of higher learning.

The sections on Qualitative and Chemical Analyses, and Chemical Gist on alternative to practical (1, 2 and 3) cover all the syllabus in WAEC, NECO, GCE, MOCK, NAPTECH, JAMB and other similar exams and Interview.

Candidates who want to have ” A One” in Chemistry are advised to pick copies of this book and study thoroughly until the Certificate practical Chemistry is taken.

This text is divided into parts: covering from SS1 – SS3. The first part deals with Chemistry Formulae and Calculations while part two covered all the practical aspect of Chemistry.

The past questions from external/certificate examination on volumetric analysis and chemical Gist on alternative to practical have been intensively treated to acquaint students with past examination questions. The answers were not only given but also explained why the answers so selected are most suitable for all the options.

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Master Chemistry for exams Candidates

12,000.00 1,000.00

About The Author

Engr. Udume Chibueze O.

He is one of young current best authors. He is a tutor of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. He has formulated so many principles in Mathematics, Coic principle of Biogenesis, Coic principle of mass numbers and coic principle of isotopes. The author of the following books: Qyadratic Mentor, Physics Formulae, Without Obstinate and Wisedom of the wise.
He is a Chemistry and Physics practical consultant. He is a graduate of Marine Engineering. He is a programmer and website designer. He is the Managing Director of Coiclimited Company. He works in a ship as an Engineer.

The Main Features of the course include:

  • Calculation in Chemistry
  • Modern Electronic Configuration of the Elements
  • Chemical Reactions and Balancing Equations
  • Laboratory Precautions
  • Laboratory Apparatuses and Their Uses
  • Volumetric Analysis/titration
  • WAEC and NECO past questions and answers from 1988
  • Qualitative Analysis – test of ions
  • General test for substances
  • Chemical Gist for WAEC, NECO, GCE and NABTECH
  • General periodic table



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